Compare FEHB Plans

See the instructions below to use the FEHB Compare Plans Tool. You can choose a plan in the state where you live OR the state where you work. Use the tool to compare features of the plans available to you. You can compare up to four plans at a time.

The Compare Plans Tool shows a monthly premium cost for each plan. This is the employee premium most tribal employees pay for each FEHB plan. However, Doyon has decided to contribute additional money to employees’ premiums, reducing employee cost. For Alaska employees, see this chart for your premium cost for each FEHB plan available in Alaska. You can also download a PDF of the chart here. If you live outside of Alaska and want to choose a plan in another state, please contact the Doyon Benefits team for your premium cost for those plans.

Using the Compare Plans Tool

Click on the Compare Plans Tool. It will open in a new window.

Step 1: Enter your zip code

Step 2: Click "Tribal Employee"

Step 3: The "Monthly" button will automatically be selected

Step 4: Click "Search"

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